Thirst Trap

VR Experience

Thirst Trap is a masochistic act of consumption. Water is life sustaining, but has the ability to drown us. To thirst is a primal desire. In this 180 degree VR experience, a woman kneeling in a bathtub drinks an entire fish bowl of water. In a self-curated, web-based ‘thirst trap’ photo, a person seeks attention and subsequent validation from others. On social media, we view a somewhat warped presentation of a person without the broader context of their situation. Viewing people through social media feeds on our palm sized screens is equivalent to viewing them in a fishbowl - a fish devoid of the sea, on display in shallow, clear water.

Gulp after gulp until my stomach swells - a monotonous, repetitive act with no release. Water - fluid, ambiguous, formless, essential. I cling to what is ambiguous and formless, but the glass provides structure, to define. I consume what it contains to preserve what I prefer. To fill myself up to the point of bursting, to the point of sickness in an effort to abandon the container.