Danielle d'Amico Danielle d'Amico


What to Expect When You're Expecting
Three-channel immersive installation
9 minutes, 17 seconds

What to Expect When You’re Expecting ​is about a woman who has been scientifically impregnated with the eggs of the endangered Loggerhead sea turtle. She nests on the beach one night while a local news crew provides live updates on the oviparous process. In a rapidly changing climate, this speculative fiction poses the question: are we as humans willing to forgo having human offspring in order to help grow the populations of endangered animal species? Species that our earth damaging practices have had a direct hand in depleting?

Woman Shantall Gallareta
News Anchor Brandi Dyer
Cameraperson Steph Joyal

Producer Brandy Creek
Cinematographer Taylor Hebden
Assistant Camera Natasha Marshall
Audio Engineer Gabby Sturgeon
Gaffer Tom Faison
Production Assistant Lauren Flynn

Editor Danielle Damico
Post-Production Audio Engineer Mickey Freeland
Motion Graphics Rachel Dwiggins

Special Thanks: Charmcine, Zoe Sandoval, Sam Margolius and Evan Tedlock 

Made possible by the Saul Zaentz Innovation Fund in Film & Media at Johns Hopkins University.